I bought my first zine two years ago; it was a gorgeous little mini zine by Sam Viloria made from one A4 piece of paper and it changed my life. It was that little creation that helped me realise I didn't need a publisher, just a printer and some paper! With that I started writing and designing and now have eleven zines in my collection with some new ones being released soon.

Extra Friendly Anxiety: Friendly anxiety is something everyone experiences at some point in their lives, but sometimes it becomes extra friendly. It starts showing up everywhere and never leaving, making life (and every amazing experience in it) feel overwhelmingly uncomfortable and hard. If you think your anxiety is becoming more of the extra friendly kind, you're not alone. 

I wrote this zine as a way of offering some love and support to anyone that may be struggling, the way I am/have been. We're in this together! The zine offers a unique (more compassionate) way of viewing anxiety, a way that offers insight into what's really going on in our bodies - you might be surprised! I've found that when we change the way we look at things, the things we look at start to change! It's amazing! By changing the way we view and understand our anxiety we can bring about immense change in our lives, in our relationships with ourselves and the world we live in, in our experiences, in our comfort levels, in everything. I wrote this zine to hopefully be a supportive, encouraging starting place for positive change, towards a place of love, freedom and healing. I also wrote it as an acknowledgement for everything you've been through and continue to go through and the strength within you, that's got you this far. I love you and think you're an incredible human.. and your body does too! We don't need to suffer, especially in silence, okay? 

Inside is full of info and illustrations (a mix of collage, colour and lined work to allow you to colour and add your own touches if you wish), a little list of references and resources and a letter from extra, friendly anxiety. 

It's a starting place and I'm looking forward to building on this in the future! I have also created a new set of tattoos to compliment this zine which you can find online now. 

Interactive Intro to Self-Care: The cover is made from beautiful Eco paper and bound with coloured thread, complete with a tassel (perfect for using as a bookmark or just for playing with) Each zine is unique, while all content is the same, each is coloured and put together differently. There are hidden notes, stickers, activities, some truths from a T-Rex and more.

This human thing can be hard! There's so much happening in our little/big worlds that it's easy to get run down and overwhelmed. This zine came about as a result of my own personal struggles with anxiety and depression, as well as the struggles of some of my friends. I wanted to create a little package of love and support, to open and read whenever you might need it. I wanted to create something fun and colourful, to remind you of how important you are and to help remind you it's okay to put yourself first and take care of yourself.

Bodies is a body positive zine that focuses on how amazing our bodies are. 
It explores the concept of amazing bodies, encouraging you to look at your own relationship with your body and how it was formed. It focusses on the amazing aspects of our bodies and covers issues that can get in the way when it comes to loving and accepting ourselves such as rejection, bullying, gender, pain/illness/disability, eating disorders, mental illness and fat. It includes positive affirmations and activities for creating or reinforcing positive thought patterns and behaviours about and towards our bodies, a trigger free mirror that gently reminds you to be kind to yourself, body fun facts and a tonne of love and understanding. 

A5, 16 pages, Black and White with random touches of colour and hand illustrated.

Positive Planets is a love filled, 12 page, A6, coloured art zine! Made by hand using recycled paper to create cute collaged planets. Each planet has a positive message to share and there is even a sneaky appearance by ex planet, Pluto. Each zine is printed in colour on eco friendly, paper and stapled together. This listing is for the ZINE ONLY. If you would like the stickers pictured please see the other listing.

This zine was created as a cute and colourful way of sharing some perspective and positivity with the world in the hope of reminding everyone (myself included) that we are in control of the way we see the world around us - either in a positive or negative way. A reminder that how we see the world greatly influences the way in which we also experience it. 

Positivity has never come naturally to me, it's always been my first instinct to look at the negatives, ever since I was a little girl I was always so afraid. The world seemed scary and there seemed to be negatives everywhere. My point is, sometimes positivity has to be a practice, something you put conscious effort into, sometimes we need to retrain our brains, but it's worth it. You aren't on the planet forever, so why spend this amazing opportunity we've been gifted being fearful or always seeing the negatives. Practicing positivity is incredibly powerful and I hope these little planets help you to see that. 

You're not alone is a 12 page, A6 (A5 folded in half) zine that's printed in black and white, hand illustrated and stapled. It was created to reassure you, you're not alone in this world or in what you're experiencing. 

"No matter what it is that you do, have done or may do in the future. No matter what you think about, thought about or dream of. No matter what you’re into in the bedroom, struggle with, cry over, experience or want. No matter what is making you feel bad about yourself, guilty, “silly” or “dumb”. Whatever it is you’re carrying around with you like a weight, that has you feeling like the only one in the world- making you feel like you’re all alone in it or in everything. You’re not! I promise you, you’re not alone and never will be. Not only are you not alone – you’re awesome! Nothing can change that.

You Rock: A human existence is so much more complicated than a rocks. You're amazing!! Rocks are often used for their strength, to physically support things but your pet rock is here to give you a special kind of support. If you're ever having doubts, a shitty day, lacking motivation, feeling intimidated, lost, scared etc. your pet rock zine will be right there to support you, to remind you of what ever it is you need, the important stuff!! Each pet rock is unique, no two are the same. Each cover varies slightly as I get the urge to customise at random. They would make a perfect gift and come hand signed. Each zine is A6 in size (A5 folded in half) and contains 12 pages. Printed using black and coloured inks. Covers come in the following colours: red, blue, pink, green, orange and purple! If you would like a specific colour please leave me a message at checkout and I will try my best to accommodate. Contains a little bit of course language and may not be suitable for kids.