*Note to Self - Temporary Tattoos. The idea for these tattoos came to me as I was putting plans in place for my own self-care. I am a visual person, I am always writing things on my mirror or sticking notes on the walls. I've found that when I'm in a dark place with depression, having a challenging moment/day, am stressed etc. that a little visual reminder of what's important can work wonders in bringing me back to centre and helping me to keep going, so I wanted a way of carrying the notes around with me. I found that after wearing them for a couple of weeks they were having a classical conditioning response, with the sight of my wrist now creating the positive notes, whether I had a tattoo on or not. I have designed three sets so far and am working on the fourth, which has a body positive focus. You can purchase the ready made sets or order a custom pack, where you choose which of the notes you need the most. If you are interested in ordering in Bulk or using them in your therapeutic practice then please get in touch to discuss discounted pricing. 

Set One

*Notes included in this set are: Breathe - You are loved - Be kind to yourself - PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) - It will pass - I will feel better - I forgive myself - Be safe - I'm not alone - Hold on - I can do this - No feeling is final - Take care of yourself - Reach out. 

Set Two

The notes included are: Breathe - I'm Okay - Hurt not Broken - Failure isn't fatal - I love you -Try - I can do this - Keep going - Little steps - It gets better.

The *Notes included in this set are: Let Go - Breathe - I am safe - Be Mindful - Anxious and Awesome