W H E R E D O C O O K I E S C O M E F R O M?


A couple of weeks ago I wrote about not being a mum that records milestones, well I'm also not a mum that bakes! I grew up baking (and licking the bowl, beaters, spoons) with my mum and both my grandma's, so I know how to bake; I just don't. If I make a cake, I will want to eat the whole cake, so instead of employing self control, I just don't bake to begin with! Today when Izzy asked if we could make cookies, I said "sure!" She hadn't asked to cook something for a long time and it seemed like a fun Saturday morning activity. She was excited and quickly informed me that in order to make cookies, we would need to go to the shops and buy cookie dough..

Wait, what?? 

Yep, my lack of baking had apparently resulted in a lack of knowledge as to where cookies come from! It was a big reminder that kids don't really know where their food comes from (beyond the supermarket) if we don't tell them. I explained that while you can buy cookie dough, you can also make them yourself! I love a good informed decision and it's a good habit I really want to get into with Izzy, so I provided her with the options and some pros and cons for each (packet cookie dough - less mess, easier but you only get what they are giving you.. DIY - messier, have to buy more things, you can adjust, customise, be creative etc) and let her make up her mind. She decided on the DIY choc-chip cookie option, so we made a list, went and got our ingredients and headed home. 

Izzy measured, sifted, stirred, tipped, tasted, cracked, stirred some more, rolled, made a mess and successfully cooked a batch of tasty, albeit odd sized, amazing chic-chip cookies. She was so proud of her efforts that I think I'm going to have to consider being a mum that bakes occasionally, well assists at least! 


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