I like to make lists, I might never do anything with them or about them but I like to make them. One list I've been updating this year is, firsts. Doing new things for the first time is one of my favourite things about being alive, getting to experience the unknown, it's exciting. Last night was my first time taking my camera to a gig. My beautiful sister Kate gave Justin and I tickets to see The Smith Street Band for our birthdays, we had seen them before and knew how good they were live. I played with the idea of asking to bring my camera along but put kept putting it off, yeah sometimes I like to make lists and then put off/avoid whatever is on them. Ugh. I ended up emailing the guys last minute and asking if it would be ok, it was something I'd always wanted to try at least once and being able to use my camera works wonders for my anxiety. As you can tell, they were super nice and said yes! 

smith st6.jpg

I'd been sick all day and was a bit worried I wouldn't be able to make it but a stack of medicine later and I was good to go. I loved it!! They really are such a great live band and such a good bunch of humans. I learnt so much, the biggest lesson being to wear earplugs, yeah I'm pretty deaf today and have some nice ringing in my ears keeping me constant company, but it was worth it! I learnt I need to read up and practice with my manual settings so much more and just keep getting to know my camera in general. I also learnt that I love live music because I can get lost in it, it's one of my favourite things in the world and I don't really have a desire to involve my camera in that process again anytime soon. So I've happily added last night to my 'firsts' list and I'm so glad it was shared with this band and two of my most favourite people. Now, my tinnitus and I are off to find some caffeine XX