I spent my morning experimenting with a cheap set of oil paints! I can't really remember ever using oil paints before, I instantly fell in love with the colours and consistency. I love texture and these paints are perfect for creating lots of it! I was reluctant to use a brush with these, it just didn't feel right, so I used my hands and other random objects laying on my desk such as an old chopstick and a ruler.


The only down side of working with these is that the paint takes a long time to dry, therefor any paint that gets on another surface (such as clothes, skin, paper, pencils etc) can then be accidentally spread around hours after you've finished (I now have it on my doona cover that is nowhere near my art room!). 

So today I have learnt that oil paints are super messy but beautiful and I can't wait to use them again... outside this time!! 

Janelle SilverComment