This guy. My biggest supporter and my best friend in the whole world.

Justin had worked all night, then hopped on a bus, then a plane, then drove two hours home to be back in time to pick Izzy up from school. When he got home I ran him a huge bubble bath, then sat on the floor talking, making bubble sculptures and clicking away with my camera. I have such immense appreciation for him, everything he is and everything he does for us. Whether it be working away or being happy for me to take photos of him in the bath and put them on the internet; he is constantly encouraging me, supporting me and doing everything in his power to help me in anyway he can. We've kinda grown up together and I wouldn't trade the place we're at now for anything. I look at these photos and feel inspired, I love taking natural light portraits, I love recording moments and I am so excited to start doing more of both.


Janelle SilverComment