H E L L O G I G G L E S | Self-Care

I'm sure you're all starting to get the idea that I'm passionate about the issue of self-care! It makes sense that self- care is something we need to learn because we spend the first big chunk of our lives relying on others. We can love and care for others, but if we aren't loving and caring for ourselves in the process, that love and care will be limited. It will be limited because without loving and caring for ourselves we get worn out, we get tired, sick and empty. When we practice self-care, the love and care we can offer becomes limitless, we are always full with love and care, for ourselves and for others.

This article went up on HELLOGIGGLES today and has some handy and cheap (or free) self-care ideas, including my zine!  I feel really lucky and proud to have been included in this article and to just be on this journey in general.

My last blog post talked about choices and as I'm writing this I'm reflecting on the fact we can all make a difference in this world and we can start by choosing to take care of ourselves