The first day of a brand new year!! Did you celebrate last night? I hope whatever you did, you enjoyed yourself! I've been feeling so very grateful for today, our time here isn't guaranteed so it feels like a huge blessing to see the start of another year. 

I'm excited for this year ahead and want to make the most of every moment. I have a few goals on my list already:

Take a solo trip | Be a more patient parent | Read up on, practice & get better at low light photography | Spoil my body and feed it heaps of nutritious food | Make a Zine | Write regularly | Be brave and ask a stranger if I can take their photo | Draw regularly | Get a permanent part time job | Adventure as much as possible | Work on being more open and transparent | Continue on this crazy journey of self development | Do a podcast with Justin | Learn how to edit videos | Work on keeping my focus on the love and light in life | 

So that's where my goals are at right now, what are yours? feel free to share them in the comments!! I already have a draft done for my first ever homemade zine and scribbles for the next two down on paper! I feel really inspired and excited! 

I hope your 2015 is super special and full of love  


Janelle SilverComment