I love Frankie Magazine, it's the only magazine I ever buy and it's been that way for a long time. I love everything it's about and always look forward to recycling them (and my sisters copies- thanks Kate) when I'm done. I have paper cranes hanging from my bed, collages framed on the walls and paintings all using recycled pages. Lately I've been using them to make paper gardens and terrariums which are scattered all around my house. 

So when I found out my Self-Care zine was featured on the website, I squealed with excitement. 

When I made my first batch of these zines, I made 18 copies, I gave some away and the others slowly sold out. I kept re printing and re making, only ever needing to make 20-30 at a time. After the feature I needed to start making them in batches of 100!! In the last few weeks I've made over 300, thanks to a lot of help from my mum - thanks mum! I'm still busy putting the finishing touches on this batch and getting them in the post and off to their new homes, it's been challenging but amazing. I've connected with so many amazing people, people also working to help others, kind souls buying zines for siblings and friends having a hard time, people buying them for themselves and people just needing someone to talk too. I'm so thankful to Frankie for allowing so many people to find and connect with my work, I feel really lucky. 

When I created my store it was about helping others and allowing the process of creating to help me. It feels so good to be doing what I love. I have so many new projects in the works and can't wait to share them with you all.

Take Care