In life, there's always a choice. Right now there are people in Bali and in other countries around the world awaiting execution, yes, in 2015 there are still countries choosing to take the lives of others. 

Here in Australia we don't have the death penalty, we have a Prime Minister who is currently pushing "white way or the highway" by trying to force the closure of numerous Indigenous communities (another fiercely passionate post for another day) but as I choose to try and focus on the positives - while he doesn't appear to be doing much or anything to help save these citizens, at least he isn't consenting to executions here. It's understandable that when two Australians are given a formal notice of their impending executions, it is big news. I don't even watch the news but this story and peoples opinions to this story have still managed to make their way into my days. 

There are compassionate souls holding vigils and hoping/pushing for change, who share my belief that no person deserves to take the life of another. Then there are others saying roughly the same two things "Imagine all the lives that could have been lost from the drugs they were smuggling, they deserve to die" and "Just shoot them already"

I'm not going to go into the subject of drugs in this post because to me it seems irrelevant and takes away from the main issue. We as human beings each have the capacity for ALL things, yet we can be so quick to forget that and lay judgement on others as if we are so different from them. You can choose to deny that fact, deny the fact that you have the capacity to steal, murder, smuggle drugs, take drugs shake a baby, whatever it is you're judging another for. You can choose to separate yourself, using "us" and "them", dehumanising others in such a way you can then preach "just shoot them" as if they are nothing but what does that achieve? Your ego gets a little boost as you place yourself above them and look on down, but that's about it.

In reality, every other human on this planet is just you living another life. You, with different genes, different family, different upbringing, different life experiences, different choices. When you choose to start looking at others in that way you will start to see the ego is unnecessary and create space for endless empathy, compassion and love... now imagine a world with more of that coming from and towards everyone! That is a choice the world only stands to gain from!

If your view falls into the latter two examples, I respect your right to have and voice your own opinion. I choose to let go of any anger and disbelief and instead fill myself with love and compassion, I understand how you could come to feel that way but I just wanted to remind you it's a choice and that choice doesn't have to be zero sum. 

I don't agree with the death penalty. I stand for mercy.