F A M I L Y | Trip to Augusta

I really wanted to blog more regularly, but it hasn't happened yet! I have so many unfinished posts sitting in my drafts waiting patiently for me to complete them but things have been so busy and hard and amazing lately, I just haven't had the chance. 

Iz and I went away with my family for the long weekend. For those of you that don't know me, I have a BIG family. It's harder now for us to all be home at the same time, with people working fifo and being on different rosters, but this weekend it all came together. There were 17 (if my counting is correct) of us sharing a house (and one bathroom) in Augusta for three nights. I hadn't been to Augusta in 10ish years and when I got there I wondered why.. it's beautiful!! The weather was perfect and the company was lovely. I struggled with anxiety, especially as I left my meds at home, but I got through it and managed to make the most of the weekend as best I could. I took my work with me, a box of 100 zines to make up and worked away with the help of my mum and sister in law, it was a nice change working with company.. I didn't get them all finished, but got more done than I hoped. I spent some amazing time with my niece and nephew, caught fish off the beach, climbed rocks and explored around. I feel really lucky to have the family and life that I do, I'm so grateful!

Tomorrow I get back into finishing this batch of zines and posting orders, before getting into making the next lot of 100!! If you're waiting on something in the post from me, I'm so excited to get it to you soon xx

I hope you all had wonderful weekends