We spent New Years Eve in Perth as a family. Justin had to fly back to work early this morning, so we decided to head to Perth for the night so we could have some fun and he could have a few extra hours sleep! I wish I had attempted to get a family photo (we barely have any of those) but it didn't even cross my mind. Family time can be really frustrating! I will write more about that another time (I know I'm saying that a lot, but I will, I promise!!)  Amongst the sweaty, craziness we all managed to have a pretty fun time! Northbridge was buzzing, I saw so many interesting and beautiful humans, I wish I had been brave enough to talk to them. I loved being lost in amongst the crowd. We had dinner, moved hotel rooms, ate rainbow paddle pops and went to sleep a lot earlier than everyone else in the hotel! Justin left at four and Iz and I had a sleep in. We went to breakfast and then walked around the city until it was time to check out. It was nice being one of the few people out and about. It was a lovely start to the year! 

Janelle SilverComment