I had my first experience with watercolours, nearly a year ago now and since then have been completely hooked. Up until this point I have been painting and selling originals, however that process has started to feel quite limiting. It's hard to part with them! most of my paintings take me at least three hours and usually by the time I'm done, I'm emotionally attached to what I've created. I'm also a perfectionist, one tiny splash of paint somewhere on the page (which is SO easy to do with watercolours) and I wouldn't want to sell it. So for those reasons (and a few others!) I have decided to start the print process! This is going to be a little time consuming but I'm really excited. I will be trying out a couple of different printers, if anyone currently uses an amazing company and is happy with what they produce please let me know. I would love recommendations and to support local business if possible. I will let you know when the first prints arrive! X