I have always loved incorporating recycled materials in my art and everyday life, not only because it helps the environment but because it's an opportunity to be creative and being creative is what I live for. There are people creatively recycling everywhere, at MapleXO you will find gorgeous jewellery made from recycled skate decks! This Australian company is using recycled plastic to make a variety of outdoor materials like decking, outdoor furniture and fitness equipment. Pintrest and tumblr are full of recycling ideas, like turning an old wooden pallet into a hanging bed or a vegetable planter. The opportunities are endless! I love the process of recycling, an idea will pop into my head as a result of seeing a shape, texture, colour etc that I like and my mind will begin working on finding another use for it. It's exciting to create change and give something a new purpose! Lately I have been recycling my much loved Frankie Magazines! It's the only magazine I buy and not only is is filled with beautiful colours and creations of all kinds but it's also printed on the nicest paper. I have been painting on it for a while but the last couple of weeks I've had the urge to try something different. 

I got out my scissors (my sewing scissors - sorry mum!) and a little glue stick and started cut and pasting, creating these little colourful scenes of solitude. All the colour, photography, illustrations, patterns etc used to tell certain stories, reused to tell my own. 


I was surprised with how much I enjoyed the cut and paste process. It's a bit messier and so much fiddlier than water colours but I love it and next time I might try combining the two. 

Janelle SilverComment