YES, you can be anxious and awesome - all at once! Don't let the world trick you, sweet soul.. your mental health does not impact your worth!!

I've started creating a range of mini Self-Care kits that will cover a range of challenges and situations, the first being anxiety. Being a human can be really hard work, let alone trying to human while also struggling with anxiety. Anxiety can make the easiest task seem and feel impossible, it can make you feel physically ill, it can be all-consuming, often at the most inconvenient time! The mini self-care pack is made to be on standby, in a bag, drawer, locker or pocket for those moments you're anxious and need some love, care or just a distraction to help ease the anxiety. By going to the kit it's my hope that it will not only help you through the moments you need it most but also help form helpful self-care habits that might even lead to anxiety appearing less and less over time.

The mini 'Anxious and Awesome' Self-Care kit is roughly 10.5 x 10.5 cm, hand cut and folded, on the inside are hand illustrated messages reminding you of the important stuff that's usually hard to remember on our own in the middle of experiencing anxiety. In the little pocket are 21 individual pieces that I've made/put together to provide a mix of love, support, understanding, coping skills, cute little distractions, reassurance, care and empowering reminders.

It would make a perfect small gift for you or someone you love. Each pack will be unique in its own way and will vary slightly from what is pictured, so no two will be exactly the same. 

The kit contains:
* A letter
* Dissolving paper x 3 + a little 'anxiety is temporary' one hand drawn by me (with a message card)
* A rainbow viewer (with a message card)
* Scratch and sniff stickers x 2 (with a message card) 
A 'things to do' card
A self-care checklist (that can be coloured by hand)
Stickers x3 (including two that can be coloured by hand)
Temporary Tattoos helpful for anxiety x8 (with a message card)
A colourful message from a little ghost x1

Self-Care helps us to be the best we can be, it ensures we have all the goodness we need and creates an endless supply of that same goodness that we can use to care for others and the world around us. Without self-care, we end up empty, worn out, with nothing for ourselves let alone anyone else but sometimes we need help, sometimes we need the care from others to give us what we need to be able to care for ourselves. I wouldn't be here without the care I got from others when I needed it most and I want to make sure you always have that same care if you need it, too! 

Your mini 'Anxious and Awesome' Self-Care kit will come packaged with care in a cello bag and hand decorated envelope. Everything is hand drawn, printed, cut, folded, written and stuck with love, by me just for you or someone you love. 

You can find them in my store now!

Love, Janelle

P.s I'm working on some new versions too!



Heal over Harm is a pack I created to support those struggling with self-harm. 

After struggling with self-harm for over ten years, I know how hard it can be, not only to be in that place, but for the loved ones on the sidelines feeling helpless and struggling to understand it. Whether you're reading this looking for support yourself, or for someone you love, you're amazing! I want to reassure you, you're not alone and things will get better. 

After using my *Note to Self temporary tattoos for a couple of months, I realised their potential to help re-train brains! Having the positive and empowering messages visible on my body allowed my brain constant exposure to their goodness and they slowly started to sink in!  The positive messages started replacing the negative thought patterns and helping to centre me when things started getting scary and out of control. With time my brain started to associate the positive messages with the areas of my body that I usually wore them, so now even when I'm not wearing one, the sight of my bare wrist prompts the positive thoughts/reminders to run through my mind. 

I decided to create a set that offered tattoos specifically for people self-harming, something that wasn't about telling you not to do it, but rather offering love, acceptance and some tools/support for people wanting/needing it. Something that focusses on healing and the fact that we're human. 

The care kit includes:

* An A6 4 page Postcard zine in the form of a personal letter. 

* A set of 21 temporary band-aid tattoos with the following messages
- Stop! Please don't do it. (x3)
- I'm not alone in this and I never will be. (x3)
- I know it's hard but these feelings will pass. I promise. (x3)
- Draw on me instead (x3)
- I choose to heal myself, not harm myself. (x3)
- I can fight this urge (x3)
- I won't hurt myself (x3)

* A care kit incase self-harm occurs which includes:
- A mini zine offering love and acceptance, encouraging the reader to assess the situation and seek the appropriate medical attention if needed. Offers basic first-aid for cuts and burns. 
- Two real band-aids (opened for photo purposes only, will come in their packaging)
- A mix of healing/forgiveness themed temporary tattoos. 

The same way people self-harm for different reasons, people heal in different ways and what some people find useful, other people may not. 

This was created as a means of supporting people on their journey, whatever that involves for them, offering love, understanding, acceptance and tools/alternative ways of dealing/coping with things. It can be a conversation starter, a way of showing loved ones you don't judge, only care.